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"Bullseye Mind" - book by Dr. Raymond Prior

"Bullseye Mind" - book by Dr. Raymond Prior


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"Bullseye Mind" - book by Dr. Raymond Prior


Reading Bullseye Mind now, I can clearly see that Dr. Prior has done his homework. We at 10.9 are serious competitive shooters, just like our customers. We can tell you from first-hand experience that the nuances of your mental game will make a world of difference in how you perform. How you think about the process of shooting your first record shot after sighters...makes a difference. How you think about the task at hand when firing each shot in a match...makes a difference. What really is your goal each time you shoot a record shot? This book is truly different because it gets inside the athlete's head and addresses the very real problems facing a competitive shooter.

Sport shooting demands mental toughness. Having a "Bullseye Mind" means thinking in ways that create confidence consistently, especially under pressure. Bullseye Mind is a brilliantly written mental training book written specifically for sport shooters. It details the foundational principles of mental toughness while also providing expert information and skills sport shooters can use to control their performances. Whether you shoot for pure enjoyment at your local gun club, you're an instructor or a coach, a collegiate shooter, or you're an Olympic Champion, this book is an invaluable resource and a must read for all sport shooters.

In addition to expert information from Dr. Raymond Prior, each chapter concludes with a short contribution written by some of the world's most decorated sport shooters, instructors, and coaches.

Bullseye Mind is worth every penny. Get it into the hands of your shooter now.

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