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  • The Phoenix

    From Amanda Furrer...
    After this year's National Championship, which didn't go so well for me, a friend told me that "the Phoenix rises from the ashes." I'd heard this before, but didn't know much about the legend of the Phoenix. So, my research began.
    The Phoenix is rumored to die in a fire of its own making, only to be reborn again from the ashes of its predecessor. I instantly felt a connection to this creature, as I believe a lot of people could. Throughout our lives, we go through peaks and valleys. We have wonderful times and horrible times. The key to finding your happiness and healthiness is learning to ride through the valleys and come out stronger and wiser. I imagine the ashes of the Phoenix being like one of the pitfalls in life. You just have to remember that the Phoenix always rises from that, as we must rise from our low points, remembering who we truly are.

    I've been through this scenario many times in my shooting career and in life. I have hit points where I was shooting so bad, I didn't think I would ever return to where I had formerly been competing. I've been through breakups where I swore I was never going to trust, or date, again.  After some time spent in these destructive states, I hit a point where I think, "this is no fun, I want out." From there, I make the decision to get through it. Becoming better never just happens, it is always a conscious decision. Once the decision is made, an action plan is needed. Something to keep you on track. Rising from your ashes is a process and it's important to see progress rather than defeat when you aren't immediately back at the top. I find the things that make me a healthier and happier person in life in general, and that translates into positive progress in everything I do. Every day, I ask myself, "Are you better today than you were yesterday?" This requires a lot of patience and dedication. It's hard, but possible. You are in control of your own happiness. You are in control of making yourself better at whatever it is that you want. I've been through this cycle many times, and each time I've found I become better than I've ever been. There's no limit on where you can go. Whenever you're down on yourself, just remember the Phoenix. You may be in the ashes now, but you can begin to rise as soon as you choose to.

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