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Jaggi Nova Shooting glasses (frames)

AHG Anschutz Shooting Glasses made by Jaggi Nova.

These are simple, straight-forward frames with easy adjustments. The nose bridge adjusts up and down, and the lens and blinder clips each move side to side. The lens holder also moves vertically so you can position it in the approxiamte center of your line of vision to the sight. 

These will fit any adult or older junior. With a very mild prescription, you can use a larger lens, as it gives you more wiggle room in where it is positioned; in other words, the actual location of the lens doesn't matter quite as much. 

These very affordable frames are great for serious pistol shooters and casual rifle shooters. They have basic adjustments that will help get your lens where it needs to be, to help you see the target better and shoot better. 

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