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Centra Score Front Sight, 18mm (all colors)

Mechanically simple, extremely solid front sight tunnel. Base is black anodized; 18mm standard sized tube is color anodized. Inside the sight body are two small wires, one on each side, that point toward the center. These wires serve as the only legal spirit level that you are allowed, if you are shooting International air rifle. The top of the sight body also has index marks, and rotates, so that if you cant your rifle, you can set up the wires to be level when you are canted. Then that position can be tightened into place, and it will always be there when you shoot that position, telling you whether or not you are canting the rifle the same way. Just look for the wires to be "horizontal", and you'll be canted correctly.
Insert your chosen front aperture, adjustable or fixed, for a flawless sight picture.
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