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Anschutz 9003 S2 Precise Air Rifle, Med. grip

The world‘s best shooters contributed to the development of the new ANSCHÜTZ Match Air Rifle 9003 Premium Precise.

  • Tension free connection and vibration damping fixing of the barrelled action in the aluminium stock through Soft Link, shock absorber pads.
  • Absolutely maintenance-free stabilizer.
  • Ultra-short lock time.
  • New and innovative safety concept for the loading process.
  • Dry-firing device.
  • Patented butt plate and cheek piece adjustment.
  • Patented air filter guards against small particles polluting the air handling mechanism.

Technical Data:

  • Barrel length: 64cm (25.19 inches)
  • Rifling: 42cm
  • Total length: 108cm (42.5 inches)
  • Length of sight radius: 78cm (30.7 inches)
  • Weight: 4.5kg (9.9 lbs.)

This is also available in left-handed version. The build quality of this air rifle is first-rate and you can't go wrong with this world-class machine.

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Total: $3,599.95

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