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Anschutz 8002-Alu Air rifle, silver, Med. grip

This new compressed air rifle corresponds to all modern requirements of today’s competition air rifles and the latest state of technological development:

  • The barreled action is embedded into the alu stock via vibration absorbing elastomers; vibrations which occur during shooting in the barreled action of the air rifle are thus effectively absorbed.
  • The very fast lock time of the 2002 Compressed Air has been reduced again even further in the 8002.
  • The newly developed trigger unit offers a constantly reliable trigger service even during fluctuations in temperature.
  • The barreled action is only cocked when the action is closed completely; if the cocking lever is not closed completely, it jumps back automatically and a shot release is not possible.
  • The dry firing mode can only be actuated in cocked condition; it is therefore not possible to un-cock the barreled action by pushing the dry firing switch once the trigger has been released, thus, an accidental shot release is avoided.
  • Air filters protect pressure regulator and valve from impurities and thus avoid malfunctions.
  • Grip, cheek piece and fore-end stock are made of PRO-Grip® material.

Technical Data:

  • Caliber: 4,5mm
  • Barrel length: 64cm
  • Rifling: 42cm
  • Total length: 108cm
  • Length of sighting:78cm
  • Weight: 4,5kg

Total: $2,349.95

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