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10.9 Shooter's Journal (Training Diary)

10.9 Shooter's Journal (Training Diary)


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10.9 Shooter's Journal (Training Diary)


We created this training diary from the ground up. After competing for over 35 years, and coaching for over 20 years, I could not find a really good journal/diary that had dedicated areas for all of the critical info that really should be recorded in a shooting diary.

Smalbore and air rifle shooting present unique problems: in addition to the notes about daily goals, technique, lessons learned, etc., the guns are so complex that you have to keep detailed notes on your settings. And, those settings can change with each range!

This journal gives you places to write down ALL of that info, for each range, including changes to your rifle, sights, buttplates, sling, etc.

There are over 120 pages for daily training notes, plus ten more pages for specific ranges that you might shoot on. That's a new entry every other day, for eight solid months. Everyone takes breaks, so you actually need fewer pages than that-- likely only about 100 regular training day pages. That leaves 20 more pages for training and competition days in the spring and summer.

When there's a spot to write specific info, it's more likely to get written down. This is especially helpful for kids, who often don't know what to write. Adults as well-- if you write down the data that's asked for on the pages of this journal, you'll save yourself time later. You won't have to re-discover what you already knew, but probably forgot!

We've created five different color combinations as well. Everyone has their favorite colors, after all. Each one has a super-heavy duty laminate on both sides. It's so stiff that a sharp corner would scratch you-- so we have the corners die-cut to a nice rounded edge.

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